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RAD is primarily a Clinical Registry / Clinical Audit App released for Anaesthetists offering a range of features in data analytics, treatment algorithms, educational tools and suggestive care to improve safety and quality of practice. RAD App is currently available for both single user as well as multi user subscription for departments and hospitals.








What is the background?

Regional anaesthesia is having an exponential growth in developing countries like India without proper practice audits and national database. There are rarely any national benchmarks with guidelines for anaesthetists to look up to, and a registry to showcase their work through publications or presentations. Also, anaesthesiologists in these countries are highly dependent on western literature to propose techniques and predict outcomes although there is huge inherent variation in patient populations, expectations and differences in their hospital set-up.

In the current era of evidence based medicine, there is saying "In God alone we trust, rest of us must provide data". Data to prove to themselves, surgeons, hospitals and community that quality care is provided every-time, every-where. The outcomes of "real world" Regional anaesthesia practice are becoming increasingly scientific with practical importance.

Most anaesthetists believe that clinical registries on safety and quality is the need of the hour and are also aware that such an approach cannot be taken casually. This solicits the need to have a fundamentally strong database, with proper design and security features that can be incorporated into day-to-day practice. Having a paper or web based data entry is not the solution since it labour intensive, expensive, and prone to error without any real-time feedback on quality of care and safety.

How was it developed?

Measuring and reporting outcomes from routine practice have effectively proven to improve quality and safe medicinal practice by inducing systemic data analysis. It forms an essential component of evidence-based practice using which, every medical practitioner can strive to provide quality health service. Medical practitioners in their busy practice find it hard to not only collect and store data, but also to analyze it and compare with benchmarks to improve practice.

We have developed a safe & secure platform with a goal to improve quality and safety of routine clinical care. RAD, which is the acronym for Regional Anaesthesia Database is an opportunity to match an Anaesthetist’s clinical excellence with efficient performance. RAD App is the first in the series of mobile space solutions released for medical community offering a range of features to provide quality health care.

What is RAD App ?

RAD App is an Anaesthetic society approved system that collects medical and/or clinical data for the purpose of patient safety to foster improvement in the quality of care provided to patients. This innovation is the first of its kind in the world of Regional Anaesthesia and enables practitioner to enter data at patient bedside through their smart phones with continuous automated analysis, and real-time feedback/suggestive care.

The biggest impact of RAD is in the area of research and publication which will help foster safe and high-quality practice of regional anaesthesia in developing nations. Initial patient and block data is entered close to the point of care in theatre by the anaesthesiologist ensures data integrity. All patients who are receiving peripheral nerve blocks as part of their routine clinical care can be included in this App. RAD App and database system acts like a self learning healthcare system and empower smarter, safer and confident anaesthetists to provide best care.

What are the Components of RAD App ?

The App, - RAD App can be downloaded through Google Play store or iOS store into mobile smart phone/tablets. App will provide the users, ability to key-in information from large number of patients close to the point of care; including complete peri-operative care data in peripheral nerve blocks along with patient related outcomes.

The Server interface available through website - Users will also have the option of performing data input through website interface as well. All users will have the ability to generate customizable reports for various data queries on outcomes and block characteristics.

What are the benefits to doctors?

Provide safe care and quality service every time, everywhere.

Opportunity to

Look into personal practice, compare with benchmarks and showcase it to everyone.

Improve practice of regional anaesthesia.

Evaluate the outcomes and incidence of complications.

Effortless data collection and analysis with graphs and tables generated with just few clicks.

Infinite opportunities to generate research ideas.

Provide data for national benchmark to enable registries to formulate guidelines.

Prove to the patients, surgeons, hospitals and community that quality of care is monitored and maintained.

Vast publication opportunities from data analysis.

What are the benefits to hospitals and organizations?

Evaluate the practice of regional anaesthesia regarding techniques, safety and quality.

Identify positive and negative trends in the practice.

Provide a benchmark for individual practitioners/hospitals, benchmarking being one of the most effective strategies for quality improvement.

Provide guidelines and consensus reports for practice in India based on the data generated and analysed.

Provide a basis for research.

Generate awareness on safety and quality of regional anaesthesia among surgical specialties and patient community.

Foster safe and high-quality practice of regional anaesthesia.

launching rad app by

Dr.Gurunath Murthy

RAD App Launch at TACON 2016 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

"If your goal is to improve patient care and outcomes, and your ability to extend treatment service beyond normal expectations… RAD can help you achieve that goal."

How is RAD unique?

RAD is a one stop shop for all Anaesthetists, where in several user friendly features like treatment algorithms, educational videos, suggestive care, and guidelines are provided. This is the first of its kind in the world of Regional Anaesthesia with highly advanced data analytics and heuristic algorithms to build knowledge systems and suggestive care.

It has inbuilt powerful and intelligent system to process huge amount of data with quick response times. RAD App has been designed with intuitive UI to catch the user’s attention and not impede the user’s action. Provides specific information for the anaesthetists at appropriate triggers to support the decision- making process.

A wheel, on its own does nothing. When a wheel spins, it gains momentum. Consider the analogy of riding a bike. The more you peddle, the more you gain momentum. When there is enough momentum, you coast.

RAD Analytics allows you to create the momentum necessary so your wheel, your clinical practice, your research, and your outcome analysis… eventually spins on its own, creating the reports necessary to provide quality health care.

If your goal is to improve patient care and outcomes, and your ability to extend treatment service beyond normal expectations… RAD can help you achieve that goal.

There isn‘t a better tool to use to help you tell your story, prove efficacy, or present your data to the world.

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